Start jumping with the most versatile and safe jumpers on the market.

Jumpers are an athletic shoe whose main advantage is that you can exercise without the impact being transmitted to your joints. They offer a very different and stimulating experience that will fill you with energy and motivation. Because fun is guaranteed when you wear them. Contrary to what it may seem at first glance, they offer almost the same stability as a conventional running shoe and are virtually impossible to injure. On the contrary, you protect your body from fatigue and wear and tear.

The Aerower Jumper1 is the safest and most adaptable for everyone, take advantage of it!  Each piece has been developed according to its function and to offer a sophisticated aesthetic. In addition, they are tested one by one under strict and exclusive quality control. In this way, the Aerower Quality™ seal has become the most reliable in the industry. Get to know in detail all the exclusive technologies and systems >> that make the Jumper1 unique. 

On this page you will find all the essential recommendations to get the most out of your Jumper1 and start making your first jumps with them.

Customise your Jumper1

Start jumping


Running with jumpers

Options for practising Jumple workouts

This is where the road to success for your sporting and personal aspirations begins.

Customise your Jumper1 before you use it for the first time

Aerower understands that every athlete is different and has developed the most precise and versatile customisation system for the Jumper1. So you can be sure you're getting all the benefits this type of footwear can provide and have fun with peace of mind. Precise customisation also extends the lifespan of your jumpers, because it prevents premature wear of some components and ensures the optimal functioning of all components. 
In short, customisation gives you the confidence that you have the perfect jumpers for you and that you are getting the most out of your workouts. Here are the 5 simple steps to achieve this:

imagenCheck the Table of sizes and customised resistances. 

See the table for your Jumper1 size. If you are in doubt, you can download the sheet that allows you to compare your foot size with the Jumper1 sizes.  

Check now which hardness of arches you need. We advise you to also take your physical condition into account when looking up your weight in the table: 

Beginner >add nothing. 
Good form > add 5 kg. to your weight.
Very good form > add 10 kg. to your weight.

Adapt the multi-band. With the help of cutting pliers, remove the number of strips indicated in the table. The rebound system should fold at least halfway on most of your jumps. And it is always recommended that it tends to be soft rather than too hard, for biomechanical reasons and to extend the life of your jumpers.

Choose the colour you like best. Getting the ideal Jumper1 for each person is also a question of aesthetics. Choose the Jumper1 that best represents you, take advantage of the 8 available colours and more than 500 possible combinations. 

There is also the option to receive your Aerower Jumper1 ready to jump! The official Aerower dealers and the online shop offer the possibility to provide your details and receive your personalised jumpers. 

And if you have any doubts, below you can consult the explanatory videos (tutorials) and documents that we have prepared for each of the steps in the assembly and adaptation of the Jumpers1 according to your needs. 

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Vídeo Jumper1

Know the technologies that make them unique

Assembly and disassembly
Tutorial for the assembly of the Aerower Jumper1

Multiband adaptation
Learn how to configure the multi-band of your Jumper1

Resistances and sizes
Find out which Jumper1 configuration is best for you


Start jumping with jumpers

The correct positioning and adjustment of the Jumper1, or how to stand up properly, are fundamental steps to start having a satisfactory experience. These are the steps you should follow:
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1. From a sitting position, we put on our long socks.
2. Check the jumper.
3. Completely open the fasteners and position the boot correctly. 
4. Insert the foot and place the tongue of the boot.
5. Insert the strips in ascending order, adjust and secure the fasteners, click!
6. We get down on our knees.
7. We lean and bring one leg forward.
7. Nos apoyamos y adelantamos una pierna.
9. We stand up and rebalance ourselves.
10.Check that you can fit two fingers between the tongue of the boot and the leg to ensure comfort, not too tight and not too loose. 

step 2: first jumps with jumper1
There are two fundamental aspects that you must be aware of the first time you use the Jumper1: the movements and the posture. By taking care of these two aspects, you will achieve all the benefits of exercising with jumpers right from the start. We explain them below: 
Basics for exercising with jumpers
Keep these points in mind whenever you use your Jumper1:

Correct customisation of the Jumper1
Footing in the centre of the Rebound System (RS)
Breathing control
Co-activation of the trunk musculature
Coordination of arms to facilitate movement
Correct application of the technique of each exercise

There are some basic jumping and rebounding techniques that you can start practising the first time you use your Jumper1. Find them in the Home Fitness tutorials>>

Correct body posture
Proper posture while using jumpers is essential for safe practice and good learning. Otherwise, postural disturbances may occur. Here are the points to keep in mind:

Feet: parallel and hip-width apart.
Knees: apart, in line with the hips and slightly bent (without locking them).
Waist: neutral, without leaning forwards or backwards to avoid blocking.
Shoulders: relaxed, in line and back. 
Head: Head: erect in front, in line with the spine. 
Trunk muscles: in co-activation.

This process is very simple and consists of only 3 steps:

1. Find a support and sit down. 
2. Release the fasteners, starting with the top fastener and ending with the bottom fastener closest to the toe of the foot.
3. Pull the foot out. 

Beware of the afftereffect! This is the sensation we can have after taking off our jumpers, similar to the feeling we get after stepping off a trampoline. It feels like we can't get our feet off the ground and we need to make an extra effort to do so. 
It is a sensation that lasts only a few minutes, but it is important to avoid sudden movements until our body has readjusted to moving on a non-elastic surface.


At the end of the practice with jumpers it is very important to perform specific and general stretching after removing the jumpers. In this part we will focus on flexibility and mobility work. Here are some of the most recommended stretches:

CUADROS 3                 
Anterior ankle
Achilles tendon
Quadriceps and tibialis
External ankle
Inner ankle
Hip flexor
Hip extensor

Running with jumpers

The Jumper1 can be your great ally during running. 
The cushioning they provide acts on all parts of the body equally, something perfect for preventing or improving injuries that can arise from one of the practices that causes the most wear and tear on our joints, running. With the Jumper1 the impact will disappear by 80%. 

Less risk of injury, same energy and freedom! Another major advantage of the Aerower Jumper1 compared to other sports equipment or non-impact exercise is that it allows freedom of movement. Add safety for your joints without giving up what you love.

Download the guide on how to run with Jumper1>>

Options for practising Jumple

Good news! No matter where you are, you can take classes with Jumple instructors and trainers!

Jumple Academy's main recommendation is always to use face-to-face or online classes with official Jumple instructors. They have the best training and have the ability to adapt the level of their classes to the different levels of the students. So, with either of them, you can make your path to success more personalised. Moreover, the energy you feel in a live Jumple class and with the company of other people is incomparable - a Jumple class is one you won't forget!

However, we know that there are still places to conquer and that it is not always easy to find a Jumple instructor near you. That's why we offer you many recorded classes conducted by Jumple trainers and instructors from all over the world. They are complete, with warm-ups and stretches at the end. And they are designed to give you maximum motivation and safety. Choose your style and enjoy. 

Access to recorded Jumple classes>>
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