Shape your body

Jumple Shape is the programme that brings you the latest advances in fitness, training and posturology (the science of posture) and teaches you a workout structure to progress your sessions safely. 
It is called Shape because it was created to sculpt the figure and improve body composition in a definitive way, from a very healthy point of view: through posture correction and dance. Its basic elements are music and Shape Training: concurrent training that combines resistance work (Intermittent method through the Shape Songs) and strength (Posture & Body strength-posture exercises).

The 7 Main Benefits of Jumple Shape:
In addition to the general benefits of exercise with jumpers, Jumple Shape adds a whole series of benefits that it works on specifically. We highlight the 7 most important ones:

1. Stand better
Correction of posture, thanks to the strength-posture work. With Jumple Shape, we work on the recovery of full motor functionality, the prevention and reduction of ailments, the improvement of bone health and organic, circulatory, digestive, pelvic floor, lymphatic, etc. functioning.  

2. To look better
Improved posture makes the body figure more slender and symmetrical. Jumple Shape brings improvements in postural muscle activation, increased calorie expenditure, fat reduction and reduced risk of disease.

3. To feel more capable
Improved physical abilities to cope with training and everyday life. More overall strength, greater cardiovascular endurance, better mobility and flexibility and more speed to execute any movement. 

4. To feel mor skilful
Development of coordination skills to execute basic and special skills with and without jumpers. Because Jumple Shape provides improvements in balance, coordination, agility, body expression and memory.

5. To excel, self-improvement
With Jumple Shape, progression is constant! Improvements are always achieved, regardless of the level of the participants. Continuous evolution is ensured by a unique Training Plan, which increases the adherence of the students to the Jumple Shape classes.

6. To train with confidence
In all Jumple classes, safety and effectiveness is ensured by the sound teaching of technique with jumpers, which is covered in the Training Plan. The programme also includes PAR-Q and medical consent for special cases. All this thanks to the good preparation of the professionals, the good methodology and the appropriate exercises.

7. To laugh and smile
Every Jumple Shape class is full of motivating moments. The programme is applied in dynamic and highly motivating classes, due to its methodology, the role of songs, music, the work of the professional and the beneficial influence of physical activity with jumpers.

Your students will be amazed at the improvements they will achieve thanks to your Jumple Shape classes!

The use of jumpers makes physical activity accessible to virtually anyone, and allows everyone to find great results.
Jumple Shape is easily adaptable to all levels, from less trained to very fit people. In fact, it allows you to work at various levels in the same class, with the same music, because all its exercises are adaptable.
The training plan designed for Jumple Shape is unique in fitness and is based on constant progression, regardless of your starting point. Avoid stagnation to keep growing.

Jump to the next level as a fitness professional:
Jumple Shape Instructor Course

As a fitness professional, take your career to the next level and offer an incredibly engaging and motivating activity. Your students will all have fun and get results, so your classes will have maximum adherence. You will have the support of Jumple Academy from the very first moment you decide to train and throughout your career. In addition, you will be able to actively collaborate with the official Aerower distributor nearest to you in order to provide you with jumpers exercise equipment in the simplest way. Become part of the international community of Jumple professionals and find support from the trainers and other instructors. 

f you have a fitness qualification related to dance or music metrics, you can directly access the Jumple Shape instructor course. 
If you have a fitness qualification not related to the methodology of the programme, you can participate in the Jumple Shape introductory workshop and thus gain access to the instructor course.


Jumple Shape instructor certification courses consist of 20 hours, normally spread over two days, plus preparation time for the practical exam.. You will learn the most advanced theoretical knowledge and put it into practice already during the course. This is all you will learn:

Block 1: Jumpers as sports shoes 

1. Presentation of Aerower and Jumple Academy

2. Aerower Jumper1  

3. Exercising with jumpers

4. Technical fundamentals with jumpers

Block 2: Jumple Shape

5. Objectives, rationale and benefits 

6. Methodology: Shape Training  

7. Design your Shape classes 

8. Communication.  

9. Jumple ShapeTraining Plan

10. Jumple professional   

Minimum requirements

There are only 3 requirements to become a Jumple Shape Instructor: 

1. Possession of: 
A dance related or music based fitness qualification.
Or a qualification in any fitness discipline and have completed the Jumple Evolution Introductory Workshop.
2. Have a Jumper1 at your disposal with which to complete the training. All candidates receive a discount voucher to purchase a new Jumper1.
3. At least 6 months experience as a student of Jumple classes or certification as an instructor of training programmes with other brands of jumpers.


Certification as a Jumple Instructor will always be linked to an official fitness qualification, in order to comply with the professional legislation of the different countries. 

The Jumple Shape course will give you:

Right to teach online and face-to-face classes of the Jumple Shape jumper fitness programme. 

The right to use the brand name as a Jumple Shape instructor. 

Access to the Jumple Community: platform with resources and materials for your sessions, promotion, discounts, training, etc.  

The Jumple licence has an annual duration. It must be renewed annually to continue enjoying its benefits. 


The evaluation consists of two parts: 

 Theoretical exam. Test type, carried out during the course, you have three attempts to pass it.

Practical exam (video). The course offers you two chances to pass:

First : 30 days after the end of the training.

Second : 30 days after receiving the feedback from the trainer.

There is the possibility of taking advantage of an extraordinary call (with additional cost). It can only be requested once in the 6 months after training.

If the candidate does not approve the requirements in any of these opportunities, if he wishes to obtain the certification, he must take the course again (he will obtain a 50% discount on the price of the course).

Course price

The price of the course varies according to the time of enrollment and the country. Check the price of the course at .

In continuous evolution:
Jumple Shape Trainer Course

One of the basic principles of Jumple Academy is to enable everyone to achieve their personal and professional goals. Therefore, it benefits and supports the continuous development of all those who are passionate about exercising with jumpers. As a Jumple Shape professional, you can become a trainer. Jumple Shape trainers are responsible for training new instructors.

The course to become a Jumple Shape trainer also consists of 24 teaching hours combining theoretical content, practices, mentoring, etc. In this case, you will delve into many of the theoretical concepts that have served as the basis for the development of Jumple Shape and you will acquire the necessary skills to impart your knowledge in your future trainer certification courses. You will learn about:  

Block 1: Jumpers as sports shoes 

1. Presentation of Aerower and Jumple Academy  

2. Aerower Jumper1

3. Exercising with jumpers

4. Technical fundamentals with jumpers

Block 2: Jumple Shape

5. Objectives, rationale and benefits

6. Methodology: Shape Training

7. Design your Shape classes

8. Communication

9. Jumple Shape Training Plan

10. Jumple Professional 

Block 3: Jumple Trainer  

11. Jumple Trainer  

12. Jumple Trainings

minimum requirements 

1. Hold one of the following or similar qualifications: aerobics, step, choreographically based activities, dance or dance styles that employ choreographic methodology.

2. Be a Jumple Shape instructor (+2 years) or have a trainer certification from another brand of jumper.

3. Speak English or Spanish to maintain fluent communication with Jumple Academy.

4. Pass the course entry test, which consists of a video test. The test costs €50, which will be deducted from the final price of the course if you are successful in gaining access. This must be paid in advance in order to be able to take the test.

5. Have at your disposal a Jumper1 with which to carry out the training. 

Contact if you would like to start the process of becoming a Jumple Shape trainer.


The qualification is awarded to those who are deemed suitable: 

Right to organise and deliver official training courses for new Jumple Shape instructors in collaboration with Jumple Academy. 

Right to use the brand name in the capacity of trainer Jumple Shape.   

Access to Jumple Community.   

The Jumple licence has an annual duration. It must be renewed to continue enjoying its benefits. 


evaluation process

The evaluation consists of two parts: 

Theoretical exam. Test type, carried out during the course, you have three attempts to pass it.  

Practical exam (video). It is delivered within 30 days after completion of the course. The course gives you two chances to pass:  

First: 30 days after completion of training 
Second: 30 days after receiving feedback from the Master trainer. 

There is the possibility to apply for an extraordinary call (at an additional cost). It can only be applied for once in the 6 months following the training. 

Once the candidates have passed the theoretical and practical exams, they should do the demonstration trial to show all their skills as trainers. 

In case the candidate does not pass the requirements in any of these opportunities, if he/she wants to get the certification, he/she must take the course again (he/she will get a 50% discount on the course fee).  

course fee The price of the course varies according to the time of enrolment and the country. Check the course fees at  

Continuous learning 

From the moment you are accredited as a Jumple Shape Professional, i.e. when you become a Jumple Shape Instructor, your career will progress further and further. You will have access to specific courses that will be of great help to complement your career as a Jumple Professional. You will be able to get specific training in the elements of the programme, deepen your understanding of the training methods and obtain and design different training plans for your students.

You have the support of Jumple Academy to develop your aspirations as a professional jumper exerciser. We'll listen to your ideas and guide you through whatever path you're on, and we'll achieve great things together!

Do you have any questions about the courses?

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