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Jumple Academy is the institution created by Aerower for the development and promotion of exercise with jumpers. The professionals who make up the Jumple Academy take their mission very seriously and work very hard so that you can develop your professional aspirations in fitness!

In this spirit, and in line with Aerower's values of continuous improvement and excellence, Jumple Academy works in accordance with the latest research and trends in fitness and sports training. From this, it develops Jumple training programmes, based on biomechanics applied to jumpers, subject to safety and adaptability at all levels, and always focused on constant progression - progression is vital for results!

Jumple Academy also takes care of everything that surrounds the expansion of this fresh, healthy and fun style that jumpers bring with them. That's why it provides everything necessary for all fitness or training professionals who choose Jumple to develop. The academy organises and manages the training courses, and provides Jumple professionals with a range of additional resources to ensure the success. Together we will go far!

1. Jumple career

Exercise with jumpers is understood as a way of self-improvement and a source of physical and mental enjoyment, but above all as a way of life focused on health. And of course, as a new and promising professional path.

Jumple Academy works to place and maintain its programmes and training at the forefront. We strive to respond effectively to the new demands of the public and accelerate the changes that make the sector move forward with new trends. To this end, we provide our team of professionals with the strategies and resources that guarantee success in their careers. These are the different professional levels, present in each of the Jumple training programmes.

They are enthusiastic exercisers with jumpers who have reached a high level and have decided to take their first jumps as fitness professionals. They know the most important basics of this discipline, how jumpers work and how they affect our body. That's why they lead classes for beginners and intermediate levels.

They are the most visible face of our programmes and Aerower products, who implement the training programmes with the end users. Jumple Instructors are fitness professionals who have participated in the official courses and successfully passed the tests to obtain their Jumple certification.


These are Jumple trainers who progress in their specialisation in the programme they teach. In these courses they expand their knowledge related to the contents, training methods, methodology, planning, etc. of each programme (see these specialisation courses below).

These are professionals who, in addition to having extensive experience as Jumple instructors, show excellent technical and methodological quality in their sessions. After passing the official trainer course, they are in charge of training Jumple instructors for the programme they specialise in.

This is the highest professional category at Jumple Academy. They are Jumple trainers with extensive experience in exercising with jumpers and a high level of fitness training. They are the only ones qualified to create new Jumple programmes and to train new Jumple trainers. They are also members of the Jumple Council, the consultative body of the Jumple Academy.

Jump at the chance!
Jumple Academy will accompany you throughout your career with advice, support and tools to realise your full potential in a new and exciting discipline. Jumple programmes are already present in more than 50 countries and growing. Fitness is getting a makeover, are you joining in or settling for business as usual? At last something different has arrived, pure motivation, safety and efficiency.

Find out more about the Jumple programmes available below to start your career as an exercise professional with jumpers.

2. Official Jumple Programmes

Whatever your goal is, you deserve to achieve it in the way that motivates you the most. That's why Jumple Academy takes into account the latest trends in fitness and sports training to develop its programmes according to the demands of its users.

In addition to the general objectives of jumper training, each Jumple programme develops specific objectives. In this way, in addition to the general benefits of the discipline, each person can train to achieve specific goals with each programme.

All of this is achieved by observing the latest scientific research on exercise with jumpers and developing our own research, which allows us to apply biomechanics to the use of jumpers. In this way we ensure that all programmes are safe and adaptable for all levels, and we achieve the highest degree of efficiency, based on the continuous progression of each student.

We make the path to success in the safest and most efficient way, making the most of any of the uses we can give to the jumpers: dance, running, rehabilitation... We all jump to have fun the way we like, we all jump to reach the height of our goals!

Programmes currently available:

CUADROS 1                 
The Instinct Challenge
Music, choreographic base and series of  high intensity work. The evolution of previous programmes with jumpers.

Shape your body
Music, resistance and strength training. To sculpt the figure and improve body composition definitively.


3. Complementary courses

Continuous training is essential to stay at the forefront and always offer the best. It is one of the basic principles of Jumple Academy. That's why we offer complementary training courses for all Jumple professional levels, of varying lengths and topics. Learn more about the theoretical principles of the Jumple programmes or develop your skills to turn all your classes into a great experience.


These courses allow you to expand your knowledge of specific aspects of the Jumple programme in which you have been certified: theoretical principles, methodology, technique or the programme's own training methods. 

They are the gateway to becoming a specialised Jumple instructor.


These are short courses that will help you expand your skills as a fitness and Jumple programme professional. They cover general aspects that can be applied to most programmes, such as tips for preparing an online class, methods for effective communication and so on.

They will ensure that your classes are always successful experiences for you and your students.

CUADROS 2                 

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CUADROS 3                 
CUADROS 4                 
CUADROS 5                 

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