About us

Aerower International Management is a fitness and wellness company that manufactures, markets, supports and distributes a range of innovative products known as jumpers or rebound shoes, as well as accessories, apparel and training programmes for exercise with jumpers.

Our main facilities are located in La Nucia, in the province of Alicante (Spain). From there we develop the company's strategic plan, coordinate actions with the international network of distributors, design new products, and in short, we maintain and look after the machinery that makes all the gears of the system work effectively.

Our philosophy: The Aerower attitude

The Aerower Attitude is the way of understanding life and relationships with all people who reflect our way of acting and feeling in the daad a. Through our attitude we want to show who we are and the way we want to follow to reach our best version.

With our mission, vision and values we have defined who we are, what we want to achieve and how we want to do it. We invite you to know us a little more:


Our mission is to provide a complementary product and services of high quality and value to our customers and collaborators with which we can help them achieve some of their personal and professional dreams. All this through a unique and healthy lifestyle around the concept of rebounding.


We want to be the vanguard in products and services related to the discipline of the rebound exercise. This is how we do it, creating, innovating and proposing solutions to all the problems that arise. We want to listen and collaborate with all those who have made it possible (customers, distributors, trainers, instructors, partners) and grant to the market a healthy competition where it is the end user who can freely choose their preferred option. Getting this option freely chosen is Aerower is our goal.


With the spirit of our slogan: A powerful evolution jump, we want the sector to evolve finally, bring innovation, which is our strong point, and therefore we have an open mind to understand the opportunities that are presented to us, adapt to new situations and improve every day.These are the values that define us:

Innovation, quality, service vocation and honesty

Innovation: We seek continuous improvement in all our processes.

Quality: The products we offer pass specific quality control tests unique in the world.

Vocation of service: We are always willing to do this, if as a distributor or trainer you have ever needed us, you will know what we mean.

Honesty: You noticed it in our transparency when communicating and doing our work.

Do you know how Aerower was born?

In 2016 Aerower was created. It was created to make an evolutionary jump in the world of jumpers.

Carlos Peydró is the founder of Aerower. With an experience in the design and production of jumpers of more than 20 years, it is he who knows well the improvable aspects and opportunities of jumpers,He has used his knowledge to develop Aerower jumpers, which could still be considered the most advanced and avant-garde in the market .Unlike other brands, Aerower has a patent in force as well as the designs of its parts and registered 3D trademark.

At Aerower, Carlos Peydr occupies the position of Director General and is also responsible for the R&D area, a guarantee that products are capable of achieving excellence with the highest quality standards and that they have already made thousands of people around the world fall in love. You can learn more about him and the reasons that led him to create Aerower through the following link: Letter from the founder of Aerower .


We know when and where we have started, but not until where we will arrive, and we want it to be very far thanks to you.

Every time you talk about us, you share our posts, or you attend a Jumple class, you are helping Aerower values and attitude cross borders.

Being part of Aerower is being part of the spirit that has made the discipline of rebounding exercise great and that will make that discipline essential for sports centers around the world.


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