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Jumple is wild fun, safety and versatility! Jumple provides a fresh, healthy and highly motivating lifestyle, regardless of previous fitness level or age.

At Jumple Academy we work from biomechanics applied to jumpers, based on the most recent scientific research and paying attention to the latest trends in fitness and sports training.It is the way to ensure continuous progress for all types of groups, thanks to a unique training plan in the world of fitness. We exploit the full potential of jumpers, a sports shoe designed for injury-free training.

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Jumple Programs

Jump harder, jump higher, jump further!

Attract all types of students and help them on their way to success in the safest and most efficient way, making the most of any of the uses we can give to jumpers: dance, running, rehabilitation... We all jump to have fun the way we like, we all jump to reach the height of our goals!

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The instinct challenge

Music, choreographic base and series of high intensity work. The evolution of previous programmes with jumpers.

Shape your body
Music, resistance and strength training. To sculpt the figure and improve body composition definitively.

Become a  Jumple Professional

Jump to another level and start inspiring your students!
Jumple professionals receive the best technical training related to the use of jumpers and the development of training programmes. You will have the full support of the Jumple Academy to develop your full potential in fresh, motivating and engaging classes.


Jumple Home

Train from anywhere! Access Jumple Academy's new on-demand classes platform.
Free access with your Jumper1.


How to start jumping

Your first time with jumpers? Learn how to use them correctly, learn the basic rebounding and jumping techniques and discover the recommendations of the Jumple Academy experts. Learn the top jumper exercises!


Find a Jumple Class

Find the Jumple classes closest to you with the greatest of ease. Find out the schedules, sports centres and contact details of the Jumple instructors in your area.


Jumple certificates validity

Do you have doubts about the validity of a Jumple qualification? Here you can check the validity of the certificate of any Jumple instructor. Just enter the name or ID that appears on the certificate of the Jumple instructor/trainer you want to check.


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