New professional level at Jumple Academy - take your first jumps as a fitness professional!

Posted 13 April 2023 by Mateo Gandía Barceló
.A new professional category is coming to the Academy, which will allow people with no previous training to start their professional career in fitness. This new category is Class Leader, and you can obtain it with the Jumple Basics training.
A new professional category is coming to the Academy, which will allow people with no previous training to start their professional career in fitness. This new category is Class Leader, and you can obtain it with the Jumple Basics training. Now, lovers of fitness and exercise with jumpers who wish to do so can have their first contact with teaching and leading classes and, if they like it, jump to the higher level of instructor.
imagenIn order to succeed in this exciting adventure of making the jump to the professional level, all class leaders will get all the help and materials to make up for the lack of previous knowledge and experience. With a two-part training (Jumple Introductory Workshop + Jumple Basics Course), you will be able to lay the necessary foundations to start leading classes for basic and intermediate levels.

The training is shorter and cheaper than the instructor course and there is only one requirement: you must have a pair of Jumper1 to do the training with. You will receive a €50 discount from Aerower towards the purchase of new ones if you need them. In addition, the distributor in your area will probably add another discount.

Sounds good, doesn't it? To become a class leader and start leading classes on your own. But what is it exactly?

What is a class leader?

Class leaders, as we have already mentioned, are people who, driven by their passion for fitness, receive basic training to lead classes in a specific training programme with jumpers. In other words, they are those who, driven by their ambition and love for the well-being of themselves and others, go from amateur to professional.

The sessions given by the class leaders are part of a programme and a training system that they learn during their Jumple Basics training. This training plan specifies the type of loads, the choreography, the series, etc. In other words, they work according to a programme that provides them with all the details to be able to offer safe and effective classes.

In this way, with the plan and the basic training they receive, they are prepared to lead classes for students at the basic and intermediate levels. If they go on to become instructors, they will be able to create their own training plans and will be ready to teach advanced level students.

Do you want to know what it's like to be a Jumple Instructor ?

It is necessary to clarify that Jumple Basics is not a new programme, but a new training for a new professional category within the Academy. In other words, each Jumple training programme will have its own Jumple Basics course, alongside the ones you already know. Thus, the professional categories of the Jumple Academy will be as follows:


What is the Class Leader training like?

The Jumple Basics course follows the same structure as an instructor course, but in a much reduced form. This means that it is shorter (16 hours) and the cost is also cheaper (around $50 less depending on the country). However, this reduction in content does not mean leaving aside the basic pillars of being a good Jumple professional:

 Knowing how jumpers work and how they act in our body.
 Detailed explanation of the programme in question, for example: the components of the programme, the technique, the methodology, etc.
 The qualities of a Jumple professional and all its possibilities.
 Knowledge of the professional resources available to you and the steps that will guide you to professional success.

Apart from the reduction of content, time, price and requirements, the other great novelty of the training for class leaders is that it is divided into two parts. Because, as a preliminary step to the Jumple Basics course, it will be necessary to attend the Jumple Introductory Workshop of the corresponding programme. For example, if you are going to do the Jumple Basics Evolution course, you will have to attend the Jumple Evolution Introductory Workshop beforehand. This wokshop is normally held a few days before the course and lasts only a few hours .
imagenJust like the instructor courses, the Jumple Basics courses can be taken live online or in person.

Jumple Introductory Workshop - getting the basics right

In order to successfully complete the Jumple Basics course, it is necessary to have a certain knowledge of anatomy and physiology. But don't worry, because that's what the Jumple Introductory Workshop was created for. In addition to this knowledge of anatomy and physiology, you will learn the basic technique to be fully prepared and, depending on the programme, other basic knowledge, for example, choreography. All very simple and in just 5 hours, so that you can understand everything you will discover in the Jumple Basics course.

The great thing about the Jumple Introductory Workshop is that it also makes it easier for people who have a previous fitness qualification but not related to the content of the course to access the instructor course. For example, it will be of great help to people who have a fitness certification and want to take the Jumple Evolution Instructor course, but their qualification is not related to aerobics, dance or choreography-based activities. By simply attending a Jumple Evolution Introductory Workshop beforehand they can access the course.

The price of the workshop will be only $50 (with small variations depending on the country) if you want to do it separately. In combination with the Jumple Basics course, as mentioned above, the total will be around $50 less compared to the Jumple Evolution instructor course.

And even more advantages: Jumple Introductory Workshops can be attended in person, live online or online on a platform.

Full support from Jumple Academy

In this first contact with fitness professionally, like all other certified individuals in the other Jumple professional categories, you will receive the full support of the Jumple Academy. As a Class Leader, you will be provided with valuable professional resources that will be of great help to you (complete planning, resources for your classes, complete music sessions, promotional materials, discounts, etc.). And, of course, you will have the invaluable help of Jumple tutors, Academy specialists who will answer your questions and guide you to success as a fitness professional.


What are you waiting for? This is your moment! If you have the desire to be a fitness professional, if you are passionate about this world as an amateur and want to take the leap, start your way, start leading classes!

We are waiting for you on May 14th on Aerower's official Facebook and TikTok profiles for the presentation. From that day on, the first Jumple Basics courses will be available and you will be able to sign up. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media, we will be revealing a lot about this new professional level, your entry into the world of fitness as a professional.


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