Jumple member verification

Enter the identifier of numbers and letters that appear in a Jumple title, or scan its QR code and check if the title is valid and valid.

  Why is it important?

At Aerower, we are committed to the development of quality, motivational, useful and fun training programs that offer professionalism and safety guarantees to users who take classes with certified instructors in Jumple.

With the aim of providing security and showing maximum transparency to our users, we have created a system to verify the validity and duration of Jumple titles that cannot be falsified.

You can check if a Jumple certificate is valid by entering the numbers and letters of the identifier that appear at the top of each title. You can also do it by scanning the QR code that appears.

If an error message appears, these are some of the reasons why a certificate may not appear as valid:

- The instructor or trainer has never taken an official Jumple course, and therefore has no certification.

- The instructor or trainer has not renewed his or her title, or it has been canceled.

If you are an instructor and when entering your Id code a title you own doesn't appear, contact with jumple@aerower.com and we will check what is happening.

If you want to know if an instructor's title is valid , but you don't know what its identifier is, send us an email to jumple@aerower.com and we will help you.



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